Children & Youth Groups

We currently have 4 groups meeting on Sunday mornings during the Church service: 




Super Stars

Up to school Year 1 (age 0-5)

Parents are encouraged to keep the youngest members of Church with them: their care and needs are an accepted part of main services, and they can be taken to the back where there is a secure area to play with parental supervision. When appropriate, there is provision for noisy, whole-body worship, interactive Bible story-telling, craft, prayer and play with leaders. Children may be left if they are happy! 
We have 8 children registered.  





JAFFAJesus A Friend For All
Years 1-5 (age 6-10)

We have a lot of fun learning Bible truths as well as active worship, drama, 
craft, discussion, prayer and good snacks. We are good friends and are encouraged to care for each other, even when we all bring different personalities, families and educational needs to JAFFA: we know we are all welcome! 
There are 8-12 children attending regularly.





FROG: Forever Reliant on God  

Years 6-9 (age 10-14)

We are a group small in number, but big on ideas! Weekly, we discuss the Bible’s Big Themes, and how they relate to everyday life. We play games to explore teaching points and do some formal study as well as thinking and praying individually and as a group. 
We have 5-8 young people every week.





Sunday Hot Choc Café   

On the 2nd Sunday of each month, we leave the main church service after the talk to encourage each other in our faith, to explore what being part of the Church means, and what difference trusting in Jesus makes during the week. We are working on developing our own independent spiritual lives and love hanging out together to chat and be silly as well as opening the Bible and questioning what’s important in life. There are 9-14 of us meeting, and on other weeks we volunteer in children's groups or other roles, taking part in the services.




BLAST: Building Lives Around Solid Truth   

Years 6+ (ages 10+)

We meet on Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm for lots of laughter and gentle teasing, big and little games, indoor sports, great snacks and a Thoughtful Pause, when we consider a wide variety of topics from a Christian viewpoint, with honest opinions given and discussed. Everyone is welcome, even if they don’t have any other attachment to St Christopher’s Church.
Up to 18 young people come regularly…