About us

St Christopher’s was built in 1906-7 and the building was formally opened for worship in September 1907.  Originally it was a daughter church of St John’s Sparkhill and only later became a parish in its own right.  

It is a simple building, made predominantly of brick and stone with a steep, slated roof which has a rather lovely wooden frame visible from inside the church.  It has been adapted over the years and is now a versatile open space which enables many different activities to take place every week.  

Regular worship has been offered at St Christopher’s since those early beginnings and many faithful people, both lay and clergy, have been involved in its life and witness.  In its more recent history, two particularly significant themes have emerged: a commitment to serve the rapidly-changing community around the church and an openness and desire for the Holy Spirit to fill, empower and equip every Christian.  

These two themes were enriched by a special experience of God through an experience of the ‘Toronto Blessing’ which came to St Christopher’s in the late 1990s.  This experience helped people to deepen their love for God and for the people around the church.  This increased love for our neighbours was an important piece of the jigsaw in forming The Springfield Project which came out of the church and has grown to become a community project serving hundreds of local families.  It still uses premises connected to the church and a majority of its trustees are members of St Christopher’s.